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  • Headband wigs.

    Headband wigs have become immensely popular for their versatility and easy application. As the name implies, these wigs come attached with a headband that is sewn onto a soft wig...

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  • Seamless Weft ™ Volumizers

    "When adding volume becomes easy 😍😍" That’s the reaction you’ll get when applying our new range of Seamless Weft ™ Volumizers. They are designed to add volume and not length. We’ve...

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  • Clip-in Streaks.

    “I want to colour my hair but; I don’t want the damage; I don’t want to spend all that money”.    That’s exactly why we created our clip-in streaks 😉😉. The...

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  • Seamless Weft ™ Clip-in Extensions.

    Notice something a little different about our clip-in extensions?? That’s our new range, called Seamless Weft ™. It’s still the same premium quality hair extensions that you are used to...

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  • Clip-in Bangs.

    Want bangs, but afraid to commit? We’ve got the perfect solution for that, with our newly launched range of clip-in bangs. Adding bangs to your existing hairstyle has never been...

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