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Traditional VS Seamless Clip-in Extensions

Written by Michelle Nell


Posted on March 08 2021

We recently introduced our range of Seamless Weft ™ Volumizers to the Dotti Hair Extensions range. Some of you may be wondering exactly how this differs from regular clip-in hair extensions and we’ve pointed out some key differences between the two:

Traditional clip-in extensions


Traditional or regular clip-in extensions are the ones that are most commonly found on the hair market.

These clip-in extensions are stitched by sewing the hair onto a durable piece of fabric. Lace is stitched on top of the base fabric which provides extra durability. Traditional clip-in extensions add more volume at the root of your scalp.

Seamless Weft ™ Clip-in Extensions


With seamless clip-in extensions, the hair is bonded in silicone at the base of the weft. This allows the clip-in extensions to lay entirely flat on the scalp and makes it super lightweight.

Due to the silicon bond, these clip-in extensions are much less prone to shedding and they are virtually undetectable once applied to your hair. Seamless clip-in extensions allow more flexibility and movement because the band is thin and this design is up to 50% thinner at the base, meaning no bulk or bumps.

Both the traditional and seamless clip-in extensions offer the same in terms of volume and thickness.

Seamless clip-in extensions are a great solution if:

  • you have fine, thin to medium hair
  • you prefer a more natural, seamless blend with less volume at the root
  • you prefer a more comfortable, lightweight clip-in extensions set 

At Dotti Hair Extensions, we specialize in Seamless Weft ™ clip-in extensions. Interested in getting yourself a set? Shop our collection here.