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T-part wigs.

Written by Michelle Nell


Posted on February 04 2021

The T-part wig has become increasingly popular as it recently entered the wig market.

Its design is similar to that of standard lace front wigs, except that the lace is less. You will still have the ear-to-ear lace on the edges, but the lace does not extend to the back. The lace part of the wig is shaped like the letter “T” with a fixed parting, either at the middle or on the side.


Let’s consider the benefits of a T-part wig:

Since there is less lace on this wig style, it’s more affordable than regular lace front wigs.

Natural looking
Although there is less lace on this wig design, the front still has a full front hairline area, which maintains the same natural look that you get from a lace frontal wig.


Easy to style
These wigs come ready-to-use with a parting in place. You can still style the wig with the hairline showing, for example: full sleek back style; a low pony or pin the hair back.


Do you still prefer a lace front wig; or would you consider getting one of these?