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Style your Seamless Weft ™ Volumizers

Written by Michelle Nell


Posted on April 15 2021

Looking for ways to style your 3-piece Seamless Weft ™ Volumizers set?

One of our favourite hairstyles is the half-up/half-down do, which you can achieve effortlessly with our Seamless Weft ™ Volumizers. You can make this style so lush and full and we'll show you how, below 😉😉

 1. Detangle your hair gently and separate your hair in two parts (top and bottom)

2. Proceed to make another parting at the top half and stack your 2-piece Seamless Weft ™ Volumizer set along the parting.

3. Tie the hair at the top into a ponytail.

4. Apply the 1-piece Seamless Weft ™ Volumizer at the bottom.

5. Brush all the hair gently and blend.



We would also love to see how creative you get with your Seamless Weft ™ Volumizers from Dotti Hair Extensions! Share your photos by tagging us @dottihair on IG.