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Seamless Weft ™ Volumizers

Written by Michelle Nell


Posted on February 01 2021

"When adding volume becomes easy 😍😍"

That’s the reaction you’ll get when applying our new range of Seamless Weft ™ Volumizers. They are designed to add volume and not lengthWe’ve introduced our volumizer sets in 3 offerings to suit individual hair needs.

The 1-piece (ear-to-ear) design is a great choice for someone looking to add natural-looking thickness by filling sparse ends and gaps. It’s also perfect for complementing an existing set of hair extensions.


Our 2-piece set has specifically been designed to add volume on the sides of your head and to frame the face.

Lastly, we have a 3-piece set which is a combination of the former sets, along with their benefits. It also serves as an economical option for creating overall volume.


All sets are made from 100% Remy Human Hair and our popular Seamless Weft ™ technology.

Which set will you be choosing??


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