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How to maintain curly wigs.

Written by Michelle Nell


Posted on May 20 2020

Hey Gorgeous!

Looking for tips to keep your curly wigs popping? Have a look below.

  1. Detangling

When it comes to detangling curls, it is important to use a wide-tooth comb. Section off the hair during the process. We recommend that you mist each section with a detangling spray or use a leave-in conditioner for easy detangling.

  1. Brushing

Forget about using standard brushes for your curly wigs! These brushes create unwanted frizz and make it difficult to restore the curl pattern. Use a wide-tooth comb only.

  1. Washing

Curly wigs do not need to be washed that frequently but wash it before there is excessive product build-up. This will prevent a lack in lustre and stiffness. Babe, nobody wants a stiff wig.

When you wash the curly wig, swish it gently in lukewarm water with your preferred shampoo. Lay it out on towels to dry and pat the excess water off your wig. Never rub the curls because you do not want to damage the curl pattern. Allow the hair to air dry to enjoy tangle-free hair.

  1. Moisturizing

Curly hair wigs are more susceptible to dryness, which leads to unwanted frizz and damage. Remember, curls love moisture! We recommend that you use deep-conditioning treatments during your wash routine. For regular curly hair maintenance, spritz the wig with a mix of water and your favourite conditioner.

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