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How to brush a wig.

Written by Michelle Nell


Posted on June 11 2020

Hey Babe 

We want to help you maintain your wigs for as long as possible. Brushing is an important step in hair care and maintenance. Here’s a quick guide for you to use when brushing your wig.

The first thing that you need to do, is find a station for your hair. This could be a wig stand, mannequin head or a flat surface.

To minimize tangling or any damage, use a good leave-in conditioner or spray. Once you’ve applied the product generously, grab a good paddle brush or a wide-tooth comb.

Once you start brushing the hair, the best technique is to work from the bottom, upwards. Brushing from top to bottom is not advised, because that can create more tangling. Take your time – be gentle and slow. Section off pieces as you progress with the brushing and detangling.

A good brush will leave the wig looking revitalized and is important for hair maintenance and longevity.


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