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Headband wigs.

Written by Michelle Nell


Posted on February 02 2021

Headband wigs have become immensely popular for their versatility and easy application. As the name implies, these wigs come attached with a headband that is sewn onto a soft wig cap.

It’s commonly also referred to as a half wig due its application. They are applied to the back of your head, leaving out your natural hair to be styled at the front.

Usually, you will find that there are hair clips and adjustable straps as with your regular lace wigs. The headbands are designed to fit comfortably and feel soft.


Let’s have a closer look at the benefits of headband wigs:

Glueless application protects your natural hairline.

Since there’s no lace attached to these wigs, it cancels the need to cut lace and use glue which could potentially damage your natural hairline or irritate your skin. The soft texture of the headband is incredibly soft and gentle on the head.

Light and breathable
Due to it’s light design, it is breathable.

Easy application
There is no need to spend a lot of time on these wigs. As we’ve mentioned earlier, there is no lace and no glue required. This makes it a great wig choice for beginners.

Suitable for any occasion

Another point of versatility that this wig has to offer is that you can get creative. Swop your headbands and dress your wigs up and down for any occasion.



Will you be trying out a headband wig?

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