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Hair Vocab.

Written by Michelle Nell


Posted on June 03 2020

Hey Babes 

We thought it would be useful to learn some hair vocab..

Have a look ..


  • Virgin hair

Virgin hair is chemically unprocessed hair. This means that the hair has not been colour-treated, bleached, permed, dyed, or undergone any other type of chemical process.

At Dotti Hair Extensions, we supply only 100% virgin hair, which means the quality is excellent, the hair is soft and will last longer than other hair extension types.


  • 360 wig

A 360 wig has lace all around the hairline and essentially is a lace headband which has adjustable straps and clips in the front, sides and back. The 360-lace wig gives you a realistic hairline and the flexibility to style the hair all round.

Click here to view our range of 360 wigs. 

Want to know more about lace frontal and lace closures? Check out our previous post here.


  • Ombre

This is a dye technique that creates a seamless colour gradient from dark to light.

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